Looking at paintings from the Renaissance, one notices the first ‘real’ portraits ever made. Where previously human figures were painted according to certain rules, now personal and individual characteristics arise. Old traditions that especially praised the divine, are now left behind and a new love for the earthly and the humane is born. 

The awareness of the individual becomes visible through a portrait. One of the processes that led to the emergence of an individual, was the rise of fashion. Fashion that breaks with the old and stands for renewal. People have started to express themselves through fashion which in turn can lead to the formation of their own separate identity. 

When I started my series "facades", I noticed how similar processes took place at the age of adolescence. Slowly self-consciousness began to emerge; through music, clothing and like-minded people who surround them. These young adults became more and more aware of their individuality. 


I decided to name my series façades to point out a superficial element that these portraits have. They tell little about the people who are being portrayed. But are rather a mere registration of how these adolescents present themselves to the outside world. When confronting them with a camera, they become a sort of character, and at the same time maintain a certain distance between them and the viewer. You  almost get the feeling that you are bumping against a wall or facade, which is represented by the face of the person who is portrayed .