I’m a photography student based in Antwerp and currently finishing my studies in Brussels for a bachelor degree from Luca, School of Arts. During the last few years I’ve mainly focussed on portraiture. It began as distance photography during walks down the street. I preferred to approach people which could possibly lead to an interesting photograph. Visual emotions, for example eye contact, are a result of the person knowing I’m taking their portrait. I try to explore the connection or tension between myself as the photographer, and the person in front of the camera. After a while, the social barrier between me and strangers faded. There’s a remarkable contrast between taking photos of strangers as apposed to taking photos of people who know me. I started to feel more comfortable approaching people I don’t know on the street. This was the idea behind the photo series I made in Schaerbeek. I eventually evolved from street photography to party photography and, which then in turn evolved to portraiture in the more classic form. These would be of family and friends I know for years, or people I’ve recently met.